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On The AKSG Advert For Nurses
Date Posted: 12/Oct/2018
Good morning great colleagues, I would appeal to Mr Ikot Monday to kindly apply, do the needful and be gainfully employed, then justice will have it's course. 
Recent developments in Nursing is not yet popular, The present NANNM National exco. among other things have succeeded at   fostering a new front for Nurses despite the seemingly unsommountible challenges by the group of Nurses so basically represented. 
With the Advent of Nurses internship programme, Nurses could now be employed at the same starting point with their counterpart at other disciplines in the University. 
The AKSG advert is all embracing, because it accommodates every category of trained Nurses. 
This is the situation on ground; 
- Graduate Nurses without internship are placed on GL 08, 
- Those with internship but have not done NYSC are on GL -09,
- Graduate Nurses armed with both internship certificate and the NYSC discharge or exemption certificate are placed on GL - 10. 
It happened to graduate Nurses employed at UUTH, last year, but as we speak, their ranks have  been corrected to GL-09, despite not being armed with neither internship nor NYSC. 
So apply and get the job, government work with circulars, with relevant circular, any abnormally would sort out itself. 
I love you all.

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