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OPINION: International Best Practises And Healthcare Providers In Nigeria By Mrs Freeman RN.
Date Posted: 04/Jun/2018
I listened keenly to the discussion on Radio Nigeria , which ended at 10:am . I want to use this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Okara , who represented JOHESU. He completely diagnosed the issues we are agitating for & also prescribed the medicine for  its cure . To me , he took the shine of the discussion. The NMA President was only distorting the facts & misinformation the public. 
In conclusion of the discussion, Dr .Okara declared that Every War ends on a table & that it is better to Joh- Joh than to War War. I concur with him . 
The debate continues & it is not going to end now . Doctors are also getting ready to go on strike to also press home their demands. I really want them to go on strike so that we can see how the government will respond to them . The response of the Federal Government to their strike will lead us to the next line of action.  Therefore , as Nurses , let us equip ourselves with more knowledge about the issues & discuss it wherever & whenever  we  deem it necessary. Strike alone is not the answer to solve our  problems. We must keep engaging the public with empirical facts . I am sure that we have a superior argument over the doctors  & we will keep hammering on these issues until  we swim to coast . 
The Medical Practitioners keep talking about International Best Practice , however they only limit this in terms of pay .   Even in terms of payment, the margin oversees is not too wide as the doctors want it in Nigeria.
I am opportuned to have done My Masters in Nursing in the UK, therefore , no doctor can confuse me with the issue of International Best Practice . If we really want to   use the standard abroad to practice in Nigeria , most of the doctors cannot fit in . 
This toga of superiority they put over their head in Nigeria does not apply there. During my studies in the UK , l worked at different levels of their health sector. I also worked at an NHS tertiary hospital. I was bent on gathering all the experience l needed to gather & l worked in all the different units of the hospital. Though there was also some monetary gain as l strived to gain those experiences, because you will be paid as you are working .  
Moreover, apart from the class work , the University also exposed  those of us reading International Nursing Studies to practical & managerial skills in the hospital setting. One of our modules is : Leadership & management in the Global Context . Another module is : Advance Decision Making by  Health Professionals.  
So what l am trying to say ?  I am saying  that it is not only doctors that have understanding of International Best Practice , many Nurses have studied abroad also & thereby understand what is involved in the Health Sector over there . Doctors in Nigeria work with the government and at the same time do private practice . Taking about International Best Practice , this syndrome does not in any way occur there . 
The team work in the U.K. is so interesting. There is no bickering  between the doctors & the other health professionals because their  Job descriptions are well spelt out. There is no bossy attitude by any doctor over there either. 
I want to declare boldly that the Masters Degree Programme in Nursing in the UK is so tedious & tasking to the extent that other students in the University begin to pity you due to the work load. Nurses over the time have really improved themselves, therefore , we are not inferior to the doctors. It is just a matter of choice . 
Does any one want to say that those of us who are Nurses can't read medicine ?  This is definitely not the case .
On a lighter note ; l met some doctors from Nigeria in the same University who were doing their Masters in Public Health over there. Of course the public health class for Masters wa  mostly Doctors & Nurses.  However,  their number in class was far far more than those of us doing Masters in Nursing. Over there , the fear of Masters in Nursing, is the beginning of wisdom . Well , this is not the point l am driving at. 
This is my point : The Nigerian doctors who were doing their Masters in  the UK, were doing the same job ( in Nursing homes ) that others were doing . Since you can't Practice as a Doctor or a Nurse in the UK until you pass all your professional exams & get Registered , you can only work there as a Health Care Assistant , Health Worker or Care Giver . As a student, you are permitted some hours to work weekly . 
So  Nigerian student doctors will change pampers , bath patients,  feed patients ,  do cleaning & all sort of jobs . 
I use to ask them ;  where is your pride ? 
Where is your big mannism ? 
Where is your stethoscope ? 
Where is your prescription paper ?
And the answer is always ; my sister , na money matter ohhhh . Is this also not International Best Practice ? 
Nurses , please get your Nursing homes , equip them very well & pay the student doctors in our universities , during their leisure time,  to do same here.
Shebi Na Money Matter Pass Abi!!!
Have a lovely week. 

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