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OPINION: Dear Colleagues, Is Our Attention Still At The Right Place? By Godwin Imeka
Date Posted: 11/Jun/2018
When i finished high school, i really had it planned, or atleast i thought i did, whatever medical school was like, i had very much idea,but just a handful was true. Stories from friends, and a lot more disneyfied by my uncle who wanted his nephew to be a doctor  at all cost, i didn't know which way i was heading and before all these was tucked into my head, the world of journalism had encapsulated me, yet i could not stand on my feet by myself and say, this is what i want.
I thought elders knew better, so trying my best to get to like medicine surfaced and i tried. As much as physics and chemistry were not very close friends with me, i tried.
When it came to finally settling into healthcare, i knew that whatever position i must occupy, i had to be so close to the patient, i adored talking and listening to a sick person's problems and helping him find way through life than throwing him a couple of pills and sending him home. 
I didn't chose nursing, i had very little knowledge about it's existence. Life ran along with me and i found nursing a companion, so warm, so candid, so sure about everything yet so demanding in itself; when i opened my the eyes of my mind, i saw, yes! This is what i wanted and i desired it even the more. There was this feeling, burning in me, ushering me on, i was going to be a healer and i would heal a lot of people not minding who they were or where they came from, the patient was taught as king and the reason i was in school.
Years through, having mingled and understood the concept of health intoto and returning to the country to behold something different, i have now to ask myself, 'was i poorly educated in school about happenings in the system i was getting into?'
I guess i was, it didn't imply that i was poorly taught, it means what i see was unprecedented, unnecessary and the motives impure. We have traded patients' satisfaction for self-satisfaction, patients' focus for self-focus and at every instance fighting for our right at the expense of those we swore to care for, wearing on titles that do not by any means add to patients' needs 'LEADERS OF THE HEALTHCARE TEAM' and seeking to control and overpower others with whom we struggle to see our patients to healing.
Are we still the same people who wanted to be healers at all cost?
Did we not spend those nights as sleepless as they may be, just to make us good enough to serve them?
And were we not educated to serve selflessly?
Then what happened?
Why have we politicized our stewardship and turned attention to ourselves?
Why do we seek to rule rather than serve?
Why do we want to control yet those who are not accountable to us and the quest for power still so kindled ablaze.
Remember why you once wanted to be who you are now, how excited you were to serve, how stupendous and blown away you felt when you were offered your admission ...
It's unfortunate how we forget so soon, How does our attention drift so fast, This article you are reading may not make any sense but ask yourself most  solemnly
My attention, is it still at the right place?
By Godwin Ashindor'itiang Imeka dip. HC, RN- BNSc (candidate)
Mariam Abacha American University of Niger.

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