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On The Bachelor In Nursing Science (BNSc) By Kareem Oluwagbemiga Light
Date Posted: 05/Jun/2018
The BNS degree has been chosen as the toughest degree among all the college degrees by the Guinness book of World records in MAY 18 2011. It has about 64 university examinations plus 130series, 174 assignments within 5years( approximately about 1000 working days).
BNSc programs typically last for 5years in Nigeria. It has wide variety of professional roles and graduate study focused more on Nursing Theories, Nursing Process, Nursing Care Plans and teaching versions of general science topics that are adapted to be more specific and relevant to nursing practice. 
According to Dr Nwadike Ifeanyi(HOD Nursing Department Ambrose Alli University) said; "Nursing is not Rice and Beans". If it is easy then it is not Nursing.
BNSc program is very tough, expensive and stressful compared to other programs in the University. And it's monitored and guided by Nursing council of Nigeria.
It is now known all over the world that the future of Nursing Profession lies in the hand of the BNS holders. It's worthy of note that this does not change the actual meaning or function of a NURSE.
Need For Transition From RM, RN To BNSc And MSN Respectively.
By 2020, the United states of America are planning to have about 80% of their nurse practitioners to be BNS holders in order to improve good health, restore health and prevent diseases.
Although many believe that a Nurse is a Nurse no matter what level of education they have, recent occurrences have proven otherwise. The  BNS program gives opportunity to learn from practicing nurses and experts in the field in order to maximize your strength as a NURSE. In nursing there is always something new to learn as the world is changing and there is transition from Endemic disease to Demographic disease with changes in technology. As a nurse it's therefore safe to say that a BNS nurse is a better equipped NURSE .
BNS program increase your salary scale: though the program is very expensive and stressful at one side but at the other side BNS also add to the beauty of the cadre of nursing as it's the potential to receive a higher income, higher job opportunities and career growth.This serve as a great consolation and consolidation for the mental physical and financial stress one may have to undergo while undertaking the study. From recent studies of 187000 nurses, it was found that BNS nurse are eligible for about 88% of jobs opportunity.
BNS program enables you to be taught by same lecturers and in the same environment as it medical counterparts making you better equipped intellectually and building a team spirit between you all.
Bachelor in Nursing science is the key and it open doors to exciting opportunities. 
Reference: Nursing journal

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