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Nurse Beats Up Doctor After Getting Slapped
Date Posted: 28/Jun/2018
A nurse has reportedly been berated for beating up a medical doctor who was said to have slapped her on the face while they were both on duty. This is following stories that have been making the rounds about assaults on female nurses by their colleagues around the country. 
When asked what exactly had happened, the Nurse in her statement sent in said the following:
Yes, A doctor just slapped me today while at work, before anyone could say jack robbinson I stood up and replied likewise in kind twice and proceeded in doing a whole lot more when she attempted to slap me once again.
You might ask what exactly caused her to slap me in the first place, it was pretty simple, She said "I was supposed to stand up when she entered my ward and whilst she was speaking to me..."
I should probably mention at this point that I am a new Nurse in that facility because any time she comes to work, she stands at her car door and everyone (and I mean everyone dressed in white "you know who's") would rush out to carry her bag. 
After that they are always on their toes greeting her, then they all go upstairs to her office to be at her beck and call. 
I don't do all that, I always stay at my point of duty and if she comes around I always say my greetings in a respectful manner.
If I might ask, where exactly is it written in nursing ethics that we have to stand up for doctors or civil service commission officers when they walk into the wards?
When I first got employed, I had noticed the trend that if a doctor enters the ward everyone would stand up. I disagreed with this practice and refused to stand up, my fellow collegues tagged me as being disrespectful. I actually had to take time to lecture some of them asking them who stands up for CNOs when they enter other departments? or isn't that the same respect that should be given to them? No one could say a word, so i stuck to my guns.
Now before this incidence happened, I wasnt feeling so good that morning, had thrown up twice already while suspecting what i had eaten the day before and again once more a few seconds before she walked in and started talking to me. Next she frowned and said I was seated in a relaxed position while talking to her. 
I apologised and sat up straight.
She said "Im talking to you and you are still sitting down, don't you know you are supposed to stand up when im speaking to you?"
Thats when i received my first slap since i dont know when, saw red like the movies and well lets just say it wasnt funny after that...
I can't stand anyone slapping me not to talk of a colleague or a doctor having to slap me at work place on the ground that i didn't stand up for him/her when they walk to the ward or stand when they are talking me... 
SO yes I retaliated and a bit more because with all the stories making the rounds I was pretty sure the case would end with me having to accept maybe an apology (Sincere or not) to just let peace reign.
As I got her down to the ground I looked up and saw my colleagues rushing to hold me back as they reached out to grab me, I pushed back at them throwing up my arms... then I woke up and realized it was all part of a dream.
Its still frustrating that in real life, some nurses are still being assaulted in various facilities and places and we might never hear any such stories about a Nurse having to retaliate. These assaults and behaviors are more criminal than just bullying and incivility. Workplace Violence is a huge problem and is increasing! 
It's bad enough that nurses deal with assault from patients but they should NEVER experience assault from other professionals.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. No Doctors or Nurses were harmed or assaulted in the recounting of this dream.
By Avalon
Nursing World Nigeria Contributor

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