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#JOHESUStrike2018 Suspension: We Shall Overcome By Dr Godswill Okara
Date Posted: 11/Jun/2018
The struggles & battles for enduring freedom, justice  & equity all through history are often long-drawn, requiring perseverance, patience, long-suffering & sheer determination not to succumb to the manipulative antics of oppressors & tyrants.
When it is darkest, is when the stars are seen in the sky. As in the liberating struggles of Moses & his team in the Egypt of old, the heart-hardened Pharaoh did not yield easily, until the 10th plague was unleashed on the entire land of Egypt, which led to the death of the 1st born of man & animals, forcing him to allow the people of Israel out of slavery & servitude.
Even after the devastating impact of the 10th plague and his grudging release of the people, he changed his mind & chased after them to physically exterminate them on the way, until the God of justice, liberty & equity met him and his chariots of soldiers in the Red Sea.
I dare say to you today, that the waters of the red sea have not dried up. As long as the God of heaven & earth lives,  all the wicked Pharaohs of the Nigerian health sector shall surely have their date with the red sea.
As Moses of old said to his people, "stand still & see the salvation of the Lord, the Pharaoh you see today, you shall see no more"; I say to you on behalf of JOHESU/AHPA leadership, be steadfast, courageous & unyielding to the ongoing manipulative antics of nonpayment of your salaries & wages.
We shall surely overcome & prevail in a health sector where liberty, fairness & equity shall be enthroned in our generation & for generations unborn.
Dr. Godswill Okara 
Chairman of AHPA

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