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#JOHESUStrike2018 Suspension: No Work No Pay Rule Should Be Challenged In Court
Date Posted: 11/Jun/2018
This is a democratic system of government where the government is by the people and for the people.. an autocratic ideology should not be allowed to thrive and we accept it as sacrifice.
If the workers of any nation goes on strike it Is an indication of the failure of the government of such nation to perform her duties either as spelt out by the law or in agreements reached.
Any sane government should not seek to punish striking workers with non payment of wages.instead a sensible government sees such strike action as an eye opener to better understand how the government is affecting the governed.
Alas! The buhari led administration has chosen the part of military dictatorship by attempting to take away the only leverage a civil servants has in bringing the government into understand their needs.
This beautiful nonsense will not stand you are not doing us any favour by occupying the office of minister or president instead we are the ones who have favoured you by electing you into these offices , and now the only way to repay the electorate is to seek to muzzle them like ox.
We should reject this in its entirety. 
It is slavery mentality for us to think this is sacrifice. Prof. Adewole cannot dictate to us what to do and what not to do. He is occupying an office that confers on him a civil responsibility not a military role.
I want to challenge our leaders and the leadership of the TUC and NLC into action. This ideology must be revoked and sanity must be lent to our misguided government. 
Thank you
Molade James K.

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