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A More Than Ever Befor Moment... By Nonye Aghanya MSc, FNP
Date Posted: 04/Jun/2018
Is it just me? Or have you also noticed that nowadays, MORE THAN EVER BEFORE…
(Not typically on social media but in many other aspects of life…)
Many are more interested in sharing their opinions while displaying an intense desire to be right at all times.
Many are more comfortable with writing down/sharing their thoughts in posts and videos for strangers to read and watch but would “freeze up” on attempt to actually speak to and get to know a stranger.
Many, blinded by selfish ideas and agenda, reject other ideas that may challenge their lifestyles and current way of existence.
Many would choose to complain but rather ignore to do the work that is needed to bring spiritual enlightenment to free the shackles of past hurt, pain, and fears.
There are limitations on the thought patterns that can be openly verbalized without the risk of scorn and social ostracism.
We must never stop trusting the Grace of God to give us the strength and know-how to genuinely connect with others and make positive impact in our everyday lives.
In conclusion…
Display of true humility during moments of interaction with others does not signify weakness but signifies a willingness to set aside a sense of entitlement to give others the chance to get to a place of enlightenment through their interactions with us.
More than ever before...Let's begin to communicate to genuinely connect with one another
#GodlyCompassion, #HealTheWorld, #UnityInDiversity
About the Author:
Nonye Aghanya is a blogger, author, speaker, and Family Nurse Practitioner.
The journey......
website: www. ptdrsimpletips. com

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