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The Dignity Of The Nurse Can Not Be Compromised By Nurse Nwachukwu Chiemezie I.
Date Posted: 07/May/2018
What we do still counts as nurses, the much effort we put in on daily basis to add more value to our ailing patients also counts as the day goes by. Nurses are the only professional and licensed feaces (shit) carriers but as the profession shifts from the medieval age, it gained momentum to change the paradigm due to more professional skills/task and educational acquisition. 
Nurses also do other scientific procedures that evolve around assisting the sick or well persons to do those activities of daily living  (ADL) they would have done unaided if they had the necessary will or strength to do such. However, in situation where the wellness state deteriorates to an untreatable stage, the Nurse is obliged to render a palliative care thereby assisting the individual to a peaceful death.
It will interest you to know that nurses are versatile in their areas of practice. 
The nurse just like the doctor also renders curative and treatment services by assessing and diagnosing illnessess based on patients response to health. 
The nurse plans the modalities and choice of treatment, implements the treatment modalities and evaluates the effectiveness of care given to the patients or clients. 
Nurses as polyvalent as they are in their professional discipline are highly independent in their  practice but also renders interdependent roles to meet the needs of the patients in the healthcare industry. Nurses function in different and highly respectful capacities and they are part of the major stakeholders in the healthcare facilities. 
The publics view of who a nurse is, is paramount; the writer opines that the public's view of who a nurse is:- Is that lady or woman who is putting on white clothes or scrubs and do those minute procedures and run errands. It's really more to that!!!
It's high time the public's view of the Nurse changes. The writer is mostly interested in rebranding and repackaging the conceptual and the empirical view of the nurse by the public. 
The big question is; Who is a Nurse and what are their professional roles? 
A nurse is a person (either male or female) who has been trained in an accredited professional learning institution, registered and licensed by the professional board of nurses to practice nursing in his/her own country or state. Another school of thought defines nursing as those activities  and procedures you render to the patient who is sick or well which he/she (patient) would have done unaided if they had the necessary will/strength or to assist them to a peaceful death. 
The following are the professional roles of a nurse or nurses: 
- General nursing care services 
- Specialist Nursing services which includes but not limited to the following:
A. Renal nursing care given by a Renal Nurse Specialist 
B. Orthopaedic Nursing care services given by an Orthopaedic Nurse Specialist 
C. Midwifery care services given by the Midwives or Nurse-Midwives 
D. Intensive care services given by the Nurse Intensivist 
E. Accident/Emergency care given by the Emergency Room (ER) Nurse Specialist 
F. Peadiatric care given by the Peadiatric Nurse Specialist 
G. Perioperative Nursing care given by the Perioperative Nurse Specialist 
H. Anaesthesia care given by the Nurse-Anaesthetists 
I. Geriatric care given by the Geriatric Nurse Specialist 
J. Eye Care given by the Olphthalmic Nurse Specialist 
K. Family care given by the Family Health Nurse 
L. Public Health care given by the Public Health Nurse.
M. Cardiac and Thoraxic care given by the Cardio-thoraxic Nurse Specialist.  
The list is endless, the earlier the public knows the services given by the nurse the better they appreciate the profession. We are nurses, we appreciate our commitments in healthcare delivery and we can never compromise our oaths of holistic services to all regardless of the patient's  culture, color, creed/ religion  or race.
Happy Nurses week To all Nurses across the globe. 
By Nurse Nwachukwu Chiemezie I. 
Perioperative Nurse Specialist
April 7th, 2018. 19:25hrs

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