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‘Nursing is all About Caring’ by Martha Matiso
Date Posted: 18/May/2018
“They were the most beautiful, angelic people ever. To many of us they were the inspiration to become nurses.”
These are words of Martha Matiso, the facility manager at Nomzamo Clinic in Nomzamo, who has been a professional nurse since 1982.
The mother of three told City Vision that two nurses in Pretoria inspired her to pursue the profession – and to this day she finds nursing very “exciting”.
The 54-year-old remembered the two nurses were shining examples in the township, which was wracked by poverty, unemployment, lack of education and no role models.
“They went through the biggest hurdles in their lives and studied far from their homes,” Matiso said. “They were the most beautiful, angelic people ever. They gave us that inspiration to be nurses.”
She and others approached the nurses to find out more about the profession and what they could expect.
Matiso said she found nursing to be far more than what she was initially told. “It was very exciting because of the various types of care required by patients,” she said.
“You can care for a person emotionally, physically and spiritually – that, for me, was exciting. You don’t only need to be a hands-on nurse, you also need to be there with your heart and mind. You connect to a person, soul to soul.”
After 35 years in the profession, she still finds nursing enthralling, rendered no less so by profound technological shifts.
Matiso still believes caring in the profession is the same, whether physical, spiritual or emotional.
“Once you remove those from nursing, then you will have a problem with attitude within the profession,” she pointed out.
“And we’ll have patients being neglected or assaulted, because you have taken the crux out of nursing. You will have an inhumane type of nursing, because the only thing that will count is technology.”
So the human touch must remain, Matiso insisted.
She arrived in Nomzamo when the clinic opened in 2016; before, she lectured at a nursing college, “equipping and empowering” future nurses.
Matiso believes nursing is about maturity, not about age or generational differences.
“When you empower and equip a nurse to be a professional, you take into cognisance that they will mature into the profession, and not the other way round,” Matiso explained.
“The profession mustn’t accommodate the person, which seems to be the problem nowadays. So many don’t mature into the role, which is a highly problematic development.”
On Saturday 12 May, Nurses Day was celebrated globally, which Matiso holds as a day for showing gratitude to nursing professionals and a chance to bring troubled ones back into the old ethos.
Source : New Vision

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