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#JOHESUStrike2018: Nigeria, Shithole Or Just Asshole (Pardon My French)
Date Posted: 14/May/2018
When the president of the united states called Nigeria a shithole country, it provoked an out-roar, many thought the guy was crazy to have vomited indiscreetly such words. I think so too, but not for long because we keep trying to portray to others what we are, maybe not a shithole but an asshole?
The current outburst by JOINT HEALTH SECTOR UNION JOHESU is a clear sample.
In my opinion, it is abomination for any group of health workers to go on strike, yet more abominable for any government to allow it. 
It seems what the government is saying is very much illuminating 'WE DON'T CARE' are the everyday boko haram and herdsmen showcase of stupidity not bad enough, do we all have to die before the government realises that Trump may have been right?
As a Nurse, I must say that I have never for once found working in the Nigerian public health sector of any interest, the disunity, disparity,ego, pride, discrepancy and hatred in the sector supersedes my imagination.
We have a government that favours and adores one group and the others can die if they please. Indubitably, our health sector is broken that is why even they cannot trust being treated here and have to be flown abroad.
In a family where there is sense, the parents know that power and privileges ought to be shared equitably, otherwise the house will tumble. Our doctors occupy  all the high ranking positions and decisions are made one-sided, the need to see the patient as the kingpin disappears and attention turns to ourselves.
Our PHCs are just like 1935 railway trains because our doctors are running to teaching hospitals and it has not occurred to the government that just like other advanced countries, our advanced practices nurses are the remedy to this situation, why because the same government is made up of doctors who do not want other health workers to thrive. 
Just some months back, a governor decided to increase the allowance of NYSC health workers and doctors got a whole lot more than other health workers and i keep asking people, what is the usual federal government allowance and what does the governor thinks to have added to others. 
No one needs to be disregarded, but our government and even the elite do not understand this, the reason Mr Bobade of UCH in his statement addressing the press said' The Nurses Who Are Suppose To Be ASSISTING The Doctors Are On Strike' let me be the first to correct you sir ' NURSES ARE NOT DOCTORS' ASSISTANTS' no one is trained in the university to become an assistant. 
Most nurses hold masters and PhDs, others are professors,and we make over 50 percent of the work force --- health care. and as much as we continue to downgrade others, nothing will work, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, we complained in the past, how highhanded and brutal the British were to us, now we have decided to do the same to ourselves. 
It is like taking a scorpion from the hand of one who wants to hurt you and decide to hurt yourself with it.
My heart bleeds for Nigeria
notre sol n'est pas encore libre

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