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Nurses Cry Too... My Story By @shades_of_famzzy
Date Posted: 07/Apr/2018
So yes I am a nurse, and it's not every single day you actually get to inject a person's bum as thought by most. 
Today I tell the story of my experience with the death of my first ever patient.
Maybe most people don't know, but Nurses are humans too, we are emotional and we feel pain, we may not show it, but we do, Infact more than y'all sometimes.
Some of us actually go home and sulk while thinking over what else we might have done, over a lost patient or a case we know we have no control over, and most times our loved ones have to take up the responsibility of cuddling and understanding our moods. 
OK back to the story. 
I stood at the foot of the bed of my first patient who I had seen die on the bed in disbelief, I watched her after the resuscitation team had left, mind you I was a year one nursing student.  
They had certified her dead and called the time of death 10.03am.
I stood right there watching her, knowing that in few seconds the relatives would be informed and the real panic would begin with tears and wails and cries of "why now!!!". 
I later found out that she had just gotten married when tradegy of sickness struck and in barely up to a year she was in and out of the hospital.  
As I stood watching her go cold, I half expected her to spring to life, like in the movies and give a sudden breath.
I told myself, she would wake up, she couldn't possibly be dead, she was too beautiful and young to die, hadn't I just spoken to her this morning, didn't she smile at me and told me I looked pretty that morning, didn't she hold her hubby close an hour ago and hugged him deeply to the jest of other patients around who smiled at her and told her to get a room. Just some minutes ago she was telling her mother what she would do and how she would do it after she got well. .
In y minds eye i was screaming at her "Common wake up"...
The doctors are walking towards your husband to tell him... 
I can read the panic on his face...  
Wake up...
Your mum is screaming your name, shouting she wants to see you.  
Just then a senior nurse tapped me on the shoulder and said, "you shouldn't be crying out here, why not go to the changing room," 
I hadn't even realized that I was crying bitterly. 
Days after I would walk past her bed & wonder, how many more years would I have to cry?
It still hurts when ever I think about this and I hope her family are doing ok now.
About the Author:
Famuyiro Opeyemi with the Instagram Handle @shades_of_famzzy is a registered Nurse (RN). She shared this story on her instagram handle. She writes fiction and romance stories in her free time and is also an upcoming O.A.P. Her official page is

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