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#JOHESUStrike2018: Our Healthcare Is Not For Sale By Comr. Wale Olatunde
Date Posted: 22/Apr/2018
Good day Comrades, I once again salute our resilience and doggedness in sustaining the on-going battle for liberation, battle to claim our well deserved rights, battle to once again return the administration and delivery of health-care in this country on a very sound footing. 
One of the most difficult and fierce battle is the battle for recognition and freedom from slave masters. 
And this present battle is one, hence we must expect it to become more fierce each passing day into the action with government through the FMOH and its agents employing different types of blackmail, intimidation and coercion. This brazen display of executive lawlessness and insensitivity can and would only be over-comed by our remaining focused, resolved and united. 
Let the FMOH and its spoilt children (doctors) know that no amount of blackmail and intimidation can disrupt this present action, but rather their doing the needful. 
Almighty will liberate the administration of health care system in this country from the strangulating hold of the present administrators who are hell bent on ruining it for their personal and selfish gains in the name of PPP, privatisation and their private practices that are often the beneficiaries of industrial crisis in the Health Sector thereby making the vast majority of poor Nigerians who can not assess their private facilities to suffer and die unnecessarily. 
We are already computing and will soon publish the names and locations of the private facilities of the officials of FMOH, CMDs/MDs, members of MDCAN and others involved in the administration of health in this country.
Wale Olatunde
National Chairman

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