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#JOHESUStrike2018: Ignore The Obnoxious Letter From @Fmohnigeria
Date Posted: 19/Apr/2018
Comrades in the struggle, I salute you comradely.our attention has been drawn to the letter from the fmoh on the ongoing strike action.from all intents and purposes,it is clear that the ministry itself is one of the "shadow actors " in the crises that has engulfed the Nigerian health sector lately.
They instigates strike actions by colluding with doctors and turn around to issue threats to striking workers who are being oppressed ,suppressed and repressed simply because they choose not to be a doctor. (Other health professionals) Dear comrades,where was the ministry when johesu gave FG several notices and ultimatums? What did the same Fmoh do when an agreement freely entered into by FG to implement johesu demands in 5 weeks even when they implemented for doctors in 14 days was bafecedly violated and given no attention?
Comrades, we are deeply convinced that we should rise against the repressive forces of neo colonialism in our ministry.One cannot be reduced to the status of a mere slave in the country where we all contribute our quota to its growth and development as citizens.
For the avoidance of doubt,we expected the said obnoxious letter from a conscienceless  ministry hence we should not be bothered by the antics to break our ranks and fighting spirit.
We need to consider the following;
* What is the cost of adjusting conhess table compared to the cost of employing locum staff across the country?your guess is good as mine.
* Any CMD/MD who implements this so called letter in any health institution due to this strike action is wicked ,callous and lacks milk of human kindness.Remember he or she is already enjoying the adjusted conmess,but want to deny you yours.Worst of all,some of our unpatriotic,greedy and selfish members will be tempted join them in implementing the wicked policy against themselves.what an irony!
* To the so called "management Staff" is it not a shame that when they want to take very important decision you are not called upon yet when they want to use you to sabotage yourselves you are suddenly "nicknamed  management staff"? Besides,as a management staff,have you been given your adjusted table and other demands met? 
* If the ministry is for all workers in the health sector, am sure by now the needful would ve been done.
* This is the last strike on our current demands so we should be ready to make sacrifices no matter how great ,if not ,generations yet  unborn will not forgive us and posterity will not exonerate us.
* Pls there should be no skeletal services in any dept or hospital by johesu members.all services should be withdrawn 100%.
* We should know that strike world over is the right of workers that cannot be taken away by any govt. There is no need to confront any agents of management or become violent.let every member ensure they are not seen in and around the health facilities until our demands are fully met.When their "attendance registers" are empty all over the country, they will remove it with shame.
* Every branch should engage the press and let Nigerians know the impunity and injustice being perpetuated in the health industry.
Above all,we should be prayerful for I know "whatever is mans will surely get to him no matter how long its withheld "
* let us remain resolute,unmoved unshaken and unperturbed for very soon we shall be victorious. Aluta continua!! Forum Secretary.pls share on all johesu platforms.

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