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Nurse Jennifer: Let Nursingworld Help You Blow Your Own Trumpet
Date Posted: 08/Jan/2018
To blow ones trumpet simply means to act in a boastful and self promoting manner. One of the most crucial skills in today’s world is to be able to promote or project oneself. Nurses abound in all walks of life doing great stuffs and achieving wonderful feats in Healthcare, academics, politics, sports, entrepreneurship etc Hence it would be morally wrong to allow such outstanding individuals go unnoticed. These individuals have remained shy and coy to the extent that the public doesn’t know how outstanding nurses are in Nigeria. The world truly deserves to hear of our successes and achievements in our professional practice as nurses.
Dear colleagues, We must make concerted efforts to break ignorant stereotypes like: Do you have consultants in nursing, are there nurses in politics, do males do nursing, do nurses go for Ph.Ds and Masters degree?, Do males practice midwifery etc. We must shout from the rooftops and announce to the world how far we have come and how great and wonderful we are
My dad once told me that: “The squeakiest wheel gets the most attention'. This year, we must stop playing small and be vocal about our unique values. We must not hesitate to tell the world how good we are or share our ideas especially when what we can offer can make a big difference and impact positively on patient care, professional development and the world in general
Do not forget that as you blow your own trumpet and let your light shine, you unconsciously give other colleagues permission and courage to do the same, and as you are liberated from your fears, you automatically liberate others.
Most times our professional training moulds us in humility to service. We are groomed to play ourselves down almost like we were not supposed to be out there 'making waves in the world'. We must not continue in extreme humility and false modesty nor allow others to hold us back especially the media who cast dispersions on our noble work.
Again, do not get me wrong, i appreciate the fact that there is great power in humility but being good at what you do is not enough if people do not know about it. Blowing your trumpet doesn’t mean having to be extrovert or brash.
Remember Mahatma Gandhi? He was a very humble, down to earth, ordinary human-being but therein lay his power and authority. His power came from being very clear about whom he was, his values and his mission.
As nurses, we can establish our authority, expertise and credibility in the health sector by letting the world know of our own contributions and achievements no matter how small. We must understand that self promotion is not about puffing yourself up, but stating the truth about our achievements with poise and confidence.
Are you self-effacing, a down to earth and humble practicing nurse?. Are you a nursing academic scholar with towering credentials and academic achievements? Are you uncelebrated amidst milestone achievements and improved patient outcomes? Are you a nurse breaking barriers in politics, civil service, military, university, schools of nursing?
If you are or know some nurse who is, help us at Nursingworld to announce him/her to the world and share his/her achievements with a wider audience.
If a nurse graduates with a first class degree, he/she deserves to be celebrated and announced to the world
If a nurse lecturer becomes a professor in nursing, he/she deserves to be celebrated and announced to the world
If a nurse is appointed to any political position or management board, he/she deserves to be celebrated and announced to the world
If a nurse hits the rank of Colonel, Major etc in the armed forces, he/she deserves to be celebrated and announced to the world
If you get an award or recognition at the workplace for any feat what so ever, you deserve to be celebrated and announced to the world
No matter how small a feat, Let us publicize it to the world.
We have the platform and the reach to ensure that Nigerians know we are awesome. Kindly send details of feat or what you would like published to [email protected] and leave the rest to us.
Let us at Nursingworld blow your trumpet to the world.
Kind Regards
Emelue Jennifer C.E.O
Nursingworld Nigeria


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