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Should Nurses & Midwives Apply for Jobs With Photocopies of Their Notifications & Licenses? By Ernest Okafor RN
Date Posted: 21/Dec/2017
Thinking about this topic, I’ve been wondering who the focus of this post should be – nurses or doctors or both. In almost every private hospitals in Nigeria, you find ‘auxiliary nurses’ working as nurses and midwives. You find a lot of these misguided people in Port Harcourt and Lagos.
It’s so bad that, often times, they are duly recognized and acknowledged as trained nurses by patients.
Little wonder there is such certificate as “Auxiliary Nurse Certificate” shamelessly and thoughtlessly received by these "students."
Like I said earlier, I really don’t know the particular group to address but let me just keep typing.
The rate at which private hospitals collect copies of registration and licenses from unsuspecting nurse applicants, deny them employment and turn around to present these documents to NMCN officials on inspection is painfully alarming.
Most times, these hospitals fake up duty rosters with your names on it and tell Council officials that you are off-duty. They work with auxiliary nurses but present documents of registered nurses and midwives who are not their staff.
The lugubrious part of it is that these Council officials would always swallow these lies without proper investigation.
Our society is really sick courtesy of those that live in it.
These hospitals collect either nurses or midwives documents from unsuspecting (and sometimes, struggling) applicants and end up employing auxiliary nurses who collect lesser pay.
You struggled possibly for several years to study and pass Council exam. You fasted. You paid all the fees and endured all the humiliation in school of nursing.
Now that you have fulfilled all the requirements and got registered and licensed, one crook wants to shortchange your efforts for his selfish gain.
Many of us just passed our council exam and hoping that once you settle down (especially after receiving your notification & license), you will just get work. Yes, but if God didn’t capture the hearts of the doctors within your location, you're going to experience same thing.
This post is finally addressing the nurses and midwives. I didn’t plan it that way. Maybe it’s because they are the worst hit by the grave consequences of these acts. They are the ones that turn out to be the sore losers in the end.
One doctor told me that he can't pay registered nurses. He is better off with auxiliary nurses. Such shamelessness! 
I told him to pack up until he can afford to pay.
Then you hear the auxiliary nurses say, “We are better in practicals. Registered nurses just pass us in theory”. Yet she commits countless mistakes on daily basis.
Time has come for nurses and midwives to start giving their profession respect and protect their dignity.
They must live in such a way as to have a positive story to tell the next generation of nurses.
"Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth. Fear God and keep His commandments. For God will bring every work into judgment, Including every secret thing, Whether good or evil." - Ecclesiastes 12:1,13,14

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