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Seasonal Greetings From The NANNM President Abdrafui Adeniji
Date Posted: 25/Dec/2017
Great Nigeria Nurses/Midwives, 
I am delighted to communicate you all, young and old, male and female, students and qualified nurses. I bring you seasonal and solidarity greetings during this era full of Christmas celebrations and various activities are in top gear to celebrate the end of this year 2017.
Dear professional colleagues in all areas of our endeavour and professional undertakings, viz professional unionism, clinical practice, education sector (department of nursing sciences in the universities, colleges of nursing/midwiferies, and schools of nursing and midwifery), research institutions, government agencies, parastatals, extra ministerial departments, private organizations, non- governmental organizations, faith based institutions as well as professional regulatory agencies. I bring you fraternal greetings and solidarity message from the leadership of National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives and I pray for a merry Christmas, splendid end of the year celebrations and festivities, a highly protected last days of the year 2017, and a smooth, peaceful, tranquility and joyous transition into the new year and a very prosperous and progressive year 2018.
Professional colleagues, wherever we may be serving or might have served our nation relentlessly, pouring out our professional care and highly skilled practices from all the years up to the concluding year 2017, I praise your harmless, resourceful, safe, affordable and readily available services despite all odds against our effective delivery. We have in no doubt contributed to care of the sick and the well in health care promotion, illness prevention, early detection, treatment of the sick, attending to emergencies, infant and maternal and geriatric cares, referring the complicated cases where no other professionals are, and contributing to clinical and community health care service team even in rehabilitation therapies, Let me express appreciation and gratitude for contributing to our nation's development, socio-economic advancement, reduction in morbidity and mortality rate, conducting researches and using your hard earned resources to pursue professional education where others are enjoying full government sponsorship, yet you are pushing on in contributing to the health care services delivery in our country Nigeria and in diaspora, as well as professional growth and development, by safeguarding the health of the people of the nation. In discharging these duties, many have sacrificed their lives paying supreme sacrifices of death or become victims of aggression from the public even for reasons and faults not of theirs sustaining various degree of injuries.
Nurses and Midwives are always there when the weak, the oppressed, displaced and less privileged and vulnerable needs care, affection and specialized/skilled  services selflessly and unconditionally. Your efforts are valued and will be on record as our humble ways of contributing to  nationhood development, and without which other arms of the nationhood development would not have been realized. You might have served dedicatedly like heroes and heroines not recognized talk less of being rewarded, but self actualization, contentment and goal accomplishments will be our joy,and as part  on our records of achievement. 
Professional colleagues, a call goes to the few ones that are yet to live up to expectations, and fall short of the ethical and quality services delivery standard, to please redress this trend of theirs and change for a better commitment in the year 2018. We are to be  reminded that the public will not read any of our professional courses along with us, but we are the summary book of nursing for them to read. The public also have the dictionary to interpret our behaviour and decide what our image is like, independent of any authorities in nursing. Therefore we should note that we all go about with paint to decorate the image of nursing for the public to judge.
The world is dynamic and keeps changing fast and we must keep with the trend and measure up to expectations in character, practices and social interactions within the context of the dynamism. Nursing education, training, qualifications, certification and practices is equally not stagnant, therefore in 2018 and beyond we must be prepared to go along with the changing phenomenon, and remain current and relevant.
Let me reassure you of the commitment of the leadership of our professional Association in defending the rights, privileges, welfare and professional concerns of our members without let or hindrances in 2018, and beyond. Therefore let me call on all our members to support the leadership at our various units at local governments, state governments, federal teaching and specialists, hospitals, federal medical centres and universities and other institution clinics and join fully and empower the Association by discharging our responsibilities at not only meeting our needs but also at living up to expected standards at our sub-regional, regional and international organizational responsibilities. 
Once again, I wish all of us a very splendid christmas and joyous 2018 and beyond.u
Nurse Adeniji Abdrafiu Alani (TRIPLE A)
National President NANNM.

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