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OPINION: About JUTHs LOCUM (Temporary Employment) For Nurses By Nurse Aseno
Date Posted: 15/Dec/2017
Let me start by saying I stand to be corrected... I personally had wanted to be silent on this issue, but felt it would not be the best for our profession if everyone who wants to make a statement decides to keep quite.
This locum (voluntary employment) of a thing is not really making any sense at all in my opinion based on the following reasons:
1. Their employment would only be temporal.
2. The employees would not enjoy some privileges such as annual leave, maternity leave, public holidays, e.t.c
3. It's not a guarantee for automatic employment should there be need.
4. The motivation given will not be good and non negotiable.
5. They can be overworked and they don't have right to complain since they "VOLUNTEERED" 
6. This is another way of humiliating the nursing profession (which other profession would do such? No, Really Which?). The same thing is presently going in plateau hospitals (the nurses there receive nothing to write home, about N20,000k per month as salaries)
And such disadvantages goes on and on......
* Nurses should not be desperate for jobs to the point of stooping so low just for some chicken change, without considering the implications on the profession.
* We must all strongly advocate against this, if we want the public to respect our services.
* Nurses working in understaffed hospitals should not only go on strike for monetary issues, but also fight for employment of more staffs.
* NANNM and other bodies can advocate against it... Yes, I know we have our issues as a profession, but we must unite to fight for the future of nursing.

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