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In Your Opinion What Would You Do?
Date Posted: 15/Dec/2017
Dear Nurses Please Offer Your Opinion to this post shared on a Facebook page by a user with the social handle "Amb Kings":
Baby, I want you to quit your job and become a house wife until we are done with child raising. Don't worry about the upkeep of the family, my salary will always be enough to fix everything, okay?
But why honey? I am a Nurse and you know I have great passion for my job even before we got married. This has always been my dream! You know how hard I have worked to get to this level in my career.
Besides, I perform my wifely duties and my motherly roles. I wake up before dawn, do the dishes, make breakfast, prepare the kids for school, send your clothes for laundry before running off to work.
So why exactly do you want me to quit my job?
No further questions, do as I said or consider this marriage over. And again don't even think of bringing our parents or pastor into this because I am resolute!
Fellow Nurses, if you were in the shoes of this wife what would you do?

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