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Taking Responsibility For Your Own Health By Ayanwole Samuel A. RN
Date Posted: 13/Oct/2017
Taking responsibilities for own health refers to being in charge of one’s own health maintenance.Health on the other hand according to WHO, 1948 states “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. The greatest wealth a person can possess is good health, which implies that health is also the greatest asset an individual can have. In other words, our wellness (good health)is very much important and its needs our attention. Good physical health is when your body is functioning as it was designed to function. Have come to discover this about life, that anything you have and you desire that itlasts long with you, one of the major things required of you is maintenance; if you have a car and you desire to use it for long, then its maintenance is as important as anything, this same principle applies well to our health, if we actually desire to stay healthy and last long.
Furthermore, always remember this that if your health fails, it can overshadow everything else that is going on in your life. From relatively minor health issues such as aches and pains, lethargy, and indigestion to major health problems that can threaten your existence, health can really affect happiness and our stress levels.Many of us nowadays put our utmost asset i.e. our health, into the hands of health care providers, government and even family and friends…But the truth of the matter is that no matter how amazing your health care provider is, no matter how supportive your family is, no matter how fantastic your government support is, none of them has and will invest more in your level of health and wellness than yourself. Although as important as our health is, most people are not really concerned about their level of health until their body itself startmalfunctioning (Verybad). Our health can be likened to an ATM (lol), am sure most of us are familiar with it, we get to anywhere it is to cash out, most of us make use of our health, (our body) to work day and night so as to earn much money, we cash out money through the strength we have, and get carried away with its maintenance.
There are four categories of things that affect our physical health. You cannot always control some things that affect your physical body. But, you can do your best to prevent injury and help your body to function well.
This is the element of physical health that we have the most control over. This includes our diet, our emotional health, our level of physical activity, and our behaviors. There are things that we can change about our lifestyles to help our bodies stay healthy.
Genetic makeup. 
There may be things in our genetics and our chemistry that are perceived as abnormalities. They may make it harder to achieve complete physical health. There are ways that our body compensates for disabilities. Even though we cannot control our genetics we can control how we treat our illnesses.
Our environment includes the type of air we breathe, the places we live and our surroundings, our work place environment among others. We may have to change our environments if they are really bad for our physical health.
Healthcare Services. 
These are the services that we get to help us prevent illness, detect illness or treat illness and maintain our health.
In conclusion, we need to take responsibility of every aspect of our being in order to achieve good physical health. We must try to keep a balance in our lives. Some things that we can do to take care of our physical bodies include:
Adequate Rest:- Our body needs a certain amount of hours of sleep every night in order to function properly(atleast 6-8 hours per day). After hard work or especially tiring times it is important that we take time to rest and allow our bodies to recover. This can only be achieved well by the individual him/herself
Eat healthy:- Our bodies use food as fuel. We derive the necessary energy needed for our day to day activity from the food we eat. The food we eat is expected to be a balance diet. And balance diet is that type of meal that gives the body the nutrients it needs to function properly.
Exercise:- Our bodies were designed to be physically active. Exercise is one of the most important part of keeping the body healthy, it is believed that exercise helps to reduce the chances of developing some medical disease conditions, suchas type 2 diabetes mellitus, stroke, hypertension, obesity among others. We have to remember that exercise is important in order to keep our bodies healthy and we must take time each day to exercise.
Hygiene:-.  Let me start by stating one popular axiom which is “cleaningness is next to Godliness. It is important that we keep our bodies clean. Good hygiene protect against illness and infection. ways of achieving good personal hygiene ranges from taking bath at least two times a day, brushing of teeth with good tooth brush at least two times a day, washing the mouth with water after intake of any sugary substance, washing of the hair and keeping it neat, keeping the finger nails short always to the barest minimum so as not to habour microorganisms, keeping the environment clean and hygienic, wearing of clean clothes among others.
Get regular check-ups. Periodic medical checkups isalso advisable, it helps to monitor our health status and helps to discover any alteration in the health status early. You don’t have to wait till the health status is compromised before you pay a visit the hospital.
Stay emotionally healthy. When we get overly stressed or too emotional, our bodies get worn out and it is easier for them to catch an illness. Staying emotionally fit keeps our bodies in good operating condition. Other essential things to note, do not smoke, abuse alcohol, or abuse drugs
No matter how good we take care of ourselves we will still at some point in time experience illness and injury. During these times we must take the necessary steps to heal. We have to go to the hospital to treat our illnesses. Self medication is not good. Though the biggest part of healing is natural. With our help our bodies can heal from illness and injury. 
By Ayanwole Samuel Abiola RN
(SONBUTH), BNSc in view (Lautech)
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