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And NURSES Do Also Cry! A Poem
Date Posted: 06/Oct/2017
There's just that 2 or 3 times it gets to you.
That thing people say about being 'used to it' as in used to blood, near death scenarios and death,
Well, there's something called Emotional Stability, that's what we have, and we have or build up to 95% of it.
But Hey Guess What... it cracks!
Yes it does,not because it's a relative on that bed but it just cracks. Because we have a heart, just ONE HEART, and we're meant to love, care and grieve with the same heart.
So when you meet a nurse in that 'broken' moment, she/he needs some support too. There may not be an outburst, it could be a mental thing expressed based on our personality types.
Don't fail to give a well done pat on the back or offer a little 'hang-out-of-hospital' treat(esp for workaholics). And most importantly say #WehdonSa.
Shared By Eze Grace Ngozi

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