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The Nursing Profession!!! By Ayodeji
Date Posted: 09/Sep/2017
Anytime we hear quack nurses we feel bad, we will scream, we will talk but all this screaming are either on group chats(whatsapp), facebook and in the wards. When we ask that what is the way forward in nursing? Many answers are been echoed and one of the most common answer is that nurses should go into politics. Hmmm, that response always make me laugh because come to think of it, will you be happy if the commissioner of health in your state or a member of house of assembly in your state has only the Registered Nursing certificate or only bnsc?. 
Am sure you will feel disappointed. Only few nurses are thriving to get to the peak of nursing education whereas majority wants to make money and travel abroad and this same set of people will say they want to compete with doctors, quite amusing... Traveling out with RN and maybe one 18months specialty, working in oil companies with RN certificate and at most BNSC from NOUN are the aims of men in nursing and the women are now joining the trend.
How on earth will it be possible for a nurse with only RN certificate and numerous 18months specialties to tell an O&G consultant to shut up?, but still we want to fight doctors, we want to fight quackeries but we don't have wat it takes
Education is the Gun we need to fight this battle, when talking of education in nursing, bnsc should be the least certificate in nursing profession. We should all note that the higher your educational level, the lesser you to backbite, bring people down or turn against your profession and less timid you will be. This can be seen in universities today where during a research, it was found out that professors and doctors victimize students less compared to the rate at which other lecturers who bear MR&MRS, Therefore, the backbiting and discord in nursing will reduce drastically when there is increase in the level of education. 
Stop leaving the profession for baking, fashion designing, trading e.t.c. female nurses, get married to a professional, a well to do man who will encourage your nursing education so that you won't be the breadwinner of the family.
Male nurses, reduce your urge for quick money in nursing and read well, obtain degrees that will upgrade this profession. A male nurse with only RN or bnsc imagine!!.
Nursing lecturers should stop frustrating students, I can say that this is where the problem of nursing is coming from. The lecturers make the profession look tough and strict without any sign of happiness. Some of the lecturers are good and motivating but majority are demoralizing. Most of them fail students due to their selfish interests( mainly the womanizers) and this might make the student to loose focus and quit nursing education after obtaining his/her RN or bnsc certificate because of the trauma he/she went through in school. 
Assisting students who subscribes to their evil desires ( mainly sex and money) to become nurses is also killing the profession because you don't expect such student to further his/her education or aim at getting to the peak of nursing. Therefore, Nursing lecturers should also help the profession by stopping (those who are guilty) the above misbehaviors and making nursing education more interesting and encouraging.
The only way out of this present situation in Nursing profession is Good and upgraded Nursing education .

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