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The Future Of The Nursing Profession: Still Up In The Clouds By Nurse Ibrahim Isah Musa (JIO) RN,HND NS,
Date Posted: 29/Sep/2017
These days it seems that whenever we want to talk about the better side of our nursing profession we normally give reference to it in the past tense. However the present is constantly slipping away and it is necessary to anticipate the future if we are not to be always left behind the times. In the recent decade, nursing has and is evolving at a very rapid pace and it is difficult to predict how it will be practiced tomorrow.
Today`s student nurse and staff nurse sometimes disobeys the norm/values as well as the ethics of the profession, as such making it seem like the profession is losing its dignity. You get to a stage where simple ethics is lost right from the school where student nurses disrespect their tutors, lecturers and seniors colleague and by the time they complete their schooling and get employed sometimes they see themselves as being on the same level with all other nurses at their facilities or places of work, irrespective of the rank and designation of the officers they meet.
My observation concerning the future of our dear nursing profession in this country is that it will not necessarily be better than now in the present. However, we cann only hope as much.. 
But with given wide consideration to other factors like, the political and economic instability dis-professionalism which involves the rapid graduating of fake nurses from school of nursing, as well as training of nonprofessional nurses that are not qualified to work as nurses, like all quack nurses produce by different organization E.g Omega Power Ministries (O.P.M nurses).
With the given inherent unpredictability of the future of the nursing profession, we need to be flexible and open to change with time, for the betterment of the profession, so that its basic principles will remain in place, especially the value of compassion, competence and autonomy along with any other concerns especially our ethical principles
“Nursing was my childhood dream and and now that ive achieved my dreams whenever one criticizes the profession I feel its an attack and blemish to my soul”
Long live our great Nursing Profession 
By Nurse Ibrahim Isah Musa (JIO) RN,HND NS, BNSc in view.
Phone No: 070666005534
Jigawa State-Nigeria 

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