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Off Duty Nurse Dives into River to Save Woman Trapped In Sinking Car
Date Posted: 14/Sep/2017
A South African nurse has been hailed as a hero after he dived into a river to save a woman who was trapped in her sinking car. Ayanda, who works at the Zithulele Hospital in the Eastern Cape province, was off duty on the weekend of September 2-3 when he witnessed a car plunging into a river.
The car landed upside down. While some ran away and others didn't know what to do, Ayanda heroically dived into the river to save the occupant.
He found a woman on the back seat but she wasn't breathing. He mobilized witnesses to flip over the car to free the woman.
He then administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR. Afterwards, he drove her to the hospital where she was stabilized.
The woman had to be transferred to another hospital but is now recovering. Without Ayanda's brave intervention, she might not have made it.
He is indeed a real life hero! Social media has been awash with comments praising his commitment even while off duty.


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