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OPINION: Assaults On Nurses, A Blatant Assault On Their Basic Human Rights
Date Posted: 10/Jul/2017
Human Right: Rights by virtue of life as a human. 
Animal Right: Right by virtue of right as an Animal.
Fellow Nurses, I'm enraged by this constant physical aggression exercised towards our Nurses. Female or male notwithstanding, I make bold to say that before becoming Nurses, these colleagues of mine are and always have been "Human". Thus, any unwarranted aggression towards them is a blatant violation of his or her fundamental human rights.
First of all, my heart goes to all Nurses who have been abused and/ or violated publicly or privately. I empathize with you and I know in bits and pieces, the shame and hurt you feel inside. You alone know the full depth of your travails. Howbeit, I seek to stress to you (the victim) and those affected to take a cursory look at these violations and take actions to protect yourselves. 
There is something you can & must do!
Even on the path of culture, some acts of aggression/ abuse by these aggressors negate cultural tenets, principles, and/ or values. How dare a man slap another man's wife unjustly and the husband is waiting on for a professional body to do something? If the woman's hands seems tied, the husband shouldn't be. 
Why? He's empowered by all laws known to man to safeguard the integrity of his household & ward-off external aggression.
While I feel there are ethical, labour or conditions of service considerations and limitations, I charge all Nurses being violated to boldly and independently seek legal redress, taking advantage of the Nigerian Constitution, Industrial relations and International Labour Laws, of which Nigeria is a signatory to.
Fellow Nurses, you may choose to play the game of thrones and wait for winter. Yea! Winter is coming. But who knows what will happen when winter finally arrives? We don't have the luxury of time for that suspense. 
So, today is the day of salvation!.
I charge us all as Nurses especially the victims of various forms of abuse and violations to befriend our Constitutional, Labour and Alternative dispute resolution Lawyers and begin to seek solutions to these acts of aggression. Surely, there must be a way out!
I conclude bringing to fore the ever true words in the lyrics of Music's great, Bob Nesta Marley's song, Redemption song:  "emancipate yourselves from mental slavery for none but ourselves can free our minds".
By Ikpen Julius,

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