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Nursing Is Hard: Feel Like A Horrible Nurse!
Date Posted: 09/Jul/2017
Last nights shift made me feel like i never even even to nursing school!
I have a pt with esrd and heading for dialysis at 0800. He has many serious problems but this is what i am focusing on. His bp rises around 0445 to 166/89. I next check it around 0545 and its 168/98. I get hung up on a note in the system saying notify physician is systolic is >200 or diastolic is > 100. I decided to call at this point figuring it was close enough and im becoming really nervous about it. I bring up the nephrologist note again and realize is says diastolic > 115! I started talking it over with another nurse and we are pulled away. By this time its around 0720 and the np is 170/101. The attending is there; i showed him the note that i saw and that the pt was going to dialysis and i was concerned with bottoming him out. He said i should have called when his diastolic was >90. He put in prn meds and added another bp med. He was really nice, took time to talk to me about it
The note was by the nephrologist. Not the attending.
I still feel crappy. 1) should have went with my gut i thought the note was ridiculous. I was suppose wait till he was in crisis mode to call?! 2) i should have talked to my coworkers about it more to make a better decision about that note 3) should have went to my charge 4) i know better!!!
Its my 6th shift after orientation which was 6 weeks. My first nursing job! I work on a tele/stroke unit.and i love it! Just feel so inadequate. Feel like i miss a lot. I knew i would feel this way just starting out and some days are just harder than others. I feel like i am getting more organized and finding my groove, then this happens amd i feel lile a horrible nurse. Ill of course harp on the mistske from last night and forget about all the good i did.
Nursing is hard.
By Verygreennurse, RN
Source: Allnurses


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