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Nurses Assaulted By Patients Relatives At UCH Ibadan
Date Posted: 07/Jul/2017
The REPORT states that the incident happened on 05/07/2017. I was on the ward today 06/07/2017 to make enquiries from the Nurses that were assaulted.
BOTH Nurses assaulted were in the process of writing their reports and gave an account of the incident as follows. 
At 1.20am, a patient on the ward was said to have called one of the night Nurses to empty the urinal that he believed was half-filled. The Nurse reported that she told him to still use the urinal like that since it was not full already, that when she is done attending to another patient she was already attending to, she would go to empty the urinal. The patient was said to have refused. 
He rather went to the toilet to urinate. When he returned to the bed, the Nurse went to him with the intention of replacing the finished intravenous fluid he was on. But he started shouting that the Nurse should not touch him. He went ahead to phone the mother (at home) and reported that the Nurses on the ward have refused to attend to him. 
Fast forward to the morning. The morning Nurses were about taking over the shift when the patient stood up from his bed and was going out of the ward. One of the Nurses followed him, calling him back. 
1. To prevent him from falling since the floor was just mopped. 
2. To stop him from just walking out of the ward without notice. 
The mother, seeing that the Nurse was preventing her son from coming outside the ward, started shouting that nobody should prevent her son from coming out. The Nurse was trying to explain to the mother that her son could fall since he was without support and that she should wait for the handing over process to finish so that she may come in. 
On hearing the noise coming from the corridor, another Nurse came out from the changing room to ask the Nurse about what has happened to cause the noise. While the Nurse was attempting to explain to her colleague that just came out, the woman was said to be interrupting probing and asking the Nurse what she meant by trying to prevent her son from coming out. 
The other Nurse was trying to calm her down when the woman allegedly slapped the Nurse, pushed her against the wall and tried strangulating her as she held her tightly by the neck. The other Nurse tried intervening, tried to persuade her to loosen her grip on the Nurse's neck but the woman instead pushed her against a nearby trolley, tore widely her uniform. Her shoes got spoilt in the scuffle. The Nurses were later rescued by the security personnel and other people that were around. 
*The Assaulted Nurses' Reaction* 
The nurses went ahead to report the incidence at NANNM office and the HOD'S office. NANNM  representatives and the representatives of the HOD, Clinical Nursing, later came to the ward to assess the situation. Nothing else was done at that time. 
*HOD's Reaction*
 The representatives of the HOD later in the day returned to the ward to apologise to the patient and relatives and asked the Nurses involved to write incidence report. *Nothing was said about the issue of the assault on the two Nurses.*
*The Management's Reaction*
The father of the patient was said to have gone to make a one - sided case at the CMD's office this morning. The CMD was said to have directed that apology be tendered to the patient by the nurses. 
Again, *nothing was said about the issue of the assault on the two Nurses .*
*My take:*
1. Nothing could be worse than Nurses being assaulted on duty. Nothing can possibly justify such barbaric behaviour and vicious attack on Nurses that are rendering care to patients to the extent of attempting to strangulate and wrecking their uniform and shoes. 
2. I'm almost sure that should such thing happen to other health care professionals in the hospital, everything would not be as calm as it seems to be right now.
3. I believe Nurses really don't have to wait till patients and/or relatives start to maim or kill Nurses in UCH before we take necessary actions. 
4. One would have thought that the NANNM and the office of the HOD would do better than adding further insults to injury by merely asking the Nurses on both shifts to write incidence reports but keeping silent on the issue of the assault. 
5. One would have thought that the management would set up a panel of enquiry to investigate the matter rather than base judgment on the account of one side. This singular act of unfair treatment of Nurses dampens morale and in one way or the other impresses negatively on productivity and job satisfaction. 
I hope Nurses would realise that injury to one is injury to all. It could happen to anyone. You cannot remain silent in your comfort zones (though I cannot really see the comfort you enjoy as  in the first place).
Our Advice to the Nurses assaulted:
. Were there any other witnesses who saw the event as it occurred
. If yes get them to write a statement also
. If any patients were also aware get statements to collaborate their stories
Then move ahead. If more than 1 person says the same they that's evidence. You have the right to sue if you do want to
By Adeyeye I. A


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