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Letter: Save Our Hospitals So That Nurses Can Save The Lives Of Our Patients By Lacey Koopal
Date Posted: 12/Jul/2017
24/7, 365 days there are nurses working in various hospitals.
To be a nurse is to always think from the patient’s point of view while ensuring they are cared for from a medical professional’s point of view.
To be a nurse is to see silent tears fall from a post op mastectomy patient’s eyes and know she is crying for reasons beyond her physical pain. When she apologizes for young nurses having to take care of her old body, the nurse assures her that it’s her honor to care for her and knows she, too, will not be young forever.
It is to understand how amazing a bed, bath or shower feels — how it brings back so much dignity and self control.
Nurses provide CPR, record code blue actions, give medications, lifesaving cardiac medications. To see a heart attack on the EKG and quickly provide medications that will help save a life, yet see the fear in the family’s eyes. See the scared wife and will offer coffee or water, hold her hand, make sure she is able to give kisses.
To be a nurse is to see the anxious mom who tried for years to get pregnant — laboring, pushing for three hours, exhausted but doesn’t give up. The nurse wishes she could push for her — despite her efforts, the baby doesn’t come down, doesn’t tolerate labor, and she ends up needing a cesarean. The nurse will talk her through every step … will hold her hand … will make sure her baby is healthy.
Nurses stay by a child’s side all night, holding them when they wake up scared if mom and dad had to go home for a break.
It is to help a mom grieve the loss of her baby or child. Her heart will shatter as she hears the sobs, yet she will stay strong and provide the comfort and care necessary.
To be a nurse is to provide dignity and graceful care to those that have passed on. Respectfully preparing them for the end of life. Knowing they meant the world to someone.
It is to go the extra mile, to work extra hours, to work in all weather conditions, to work understaffed, to work holidays and weekends.
It is to ensure the patient stays alive when they are under general anesthesia and has no clue what is happening around them. Then closely monitors their breathing, their heart rate, their color, their oxygen, their fluid intake and output after surgery while they are recovering.
To be a nurse is to laugh, tell jokes, hear amazing stories, share stories and celebrate with patients.
This has been experienced at our hospital in Albert Lea.Closing the hospital is taking away a home and passion for nurses where they have dedicated their lives caring for our community. This is about lives. The heart of a nurse is to care for others. Save our hospital, so we can save others.

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