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OPINION: Nursing Student Impregnated by Lecturer
Date Posted: 07/Jun/2017
Ever since I came across and read the article "Nursing Student” Impregnated by Lecturer, the first thing that came to my mind was: Why will a nursing student with knowledge of nursing and medicine seek or access health care in a "herbal home" with "Traditional Midwives"?
If you are a nurse reading this I am sure you would ask the same questions i did: Is Nursing studied in a college of health technology? And also why on earth would a "nursing student" with knowledge of nursing and medicine seek or access health care in a “herbal home” with “Traditional Midwives”?
So the article that generated these questions was one i came across on the net titled: “28-year-old nursing student allegedly impregnated by lecturer gives birth” 
It says: A 28-year-old nursing student of Ogun State Health College of Health Technology in Ilese Ijebu has given birth – The lady was allegedly impregnated by her lecturer who has refused to accept the child. 
Here I ask: Is nursing studied in a college of health technology? It didn’t say “a Public Health Nursing Student”. Agreed… Public Health Nursing is studied in colleges of health technologies… but not nursing!
So, a big congratulations to Mosunmola, a 28-year-old former nursing student of Ogun State College of Health Technology in Ilese Ijebu who delivered a healthy baby boy at the General Hospital in Epe without any complication. 
But when she said: “…I first went to a herbal home, but when the traditional midwives could not handle it, they took me to the general hospital…” I ask again, “why a herbal home?” A  nurse should know better to go to a hospital if ever a delivery is to be safe. All personal and equipment are available to avert and manage any complications. Probably she didn’t attend any ANC.
What I felt after reading the article was that the image of nursing and of nurses was being tarnished by the article, the writer and the publishers (AS USUAL).
As nurses, we should uphold our professional ethics and conduct ourselves in ways that will command respect from others and that way the public view about nursing and nurses will change.?
What are your views?
Source: Knightmode

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