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#IND2017: All In White By Lala Ibukun RN
Date Posted: 12/May/2017
All in white, bright lights, warm hands, soft touches, cuddling the cradle hmmm! 
What a place, who are these All in white. 
Desiring to stay, welcoming voices, oh bless my soul, my heart beats!! 
Joy in their eyes receiving, giving life and hope to all new born. Safe delivery! Safe delivery!!  
Bring the scissors, the clamps, it's a girl, a boy, twins, triplet, quadruplets etc etc, Moulding destines. 
They value lives, saving lives, Sympathetic, Professional, Enthusiastic, Beautiful, Pure, in Wars, in Peace, to the homeless, the injured, the Dead, Always there, Advocate, Friend, Courageous, always Handy. 
God's own working tool's we are, what a beautiful world with Us all in White.
Happy Nurses week to all Great Nigerian Nurses and Midwives.
I am proud to be a Nurse!!!.
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