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Still On The HND Nursing Discussion By Ibrahim Muhammad Budu
Date Posted: 17/Apr/2017
As a retired nurse, I will like to give back to nursing by contributing to HND saga. Do Nigerian nurses really know what they want in terms of basic academic qualification? Do we really know what it entails to be a professional in terms of certification? Are nurses going back to technical cadre with the proposed HND? Are our present leaders futuristic in terms of our thinking? Can HND stand the test of time in the future? For how long will nurses continue to be inferior academically to other members of the health team? Are nurses aware that polytechnics are running away from awarding HND to degrees? These are pertinent questions.
Other cadres are trying to make first degree their basic qualification while nurses are trying to cut corner with HND. Progressive nurses are trying to see the existing gap between three year nursing program is bridged by encouraging them to go for degree program while some are trying to widen the gap. 
Three year nursing program nurses, ND/HND nurses and nurses with degree; three different groups of nurses giving room for chaos and confusion in rendering effective and efficient nursing services to the consumers.
I suggest whoever is concerned/council should put a halt to this retrogressive idea of HND. Haba! Please let us not rubbish nursing by making it stagnant, nurses must press for its upliftment as other professions. BNsc should be the starting point for Nigerian nurses. Lest we forget, nursing in Nigeria started with primary school leavers, then secondary school leavers, then now secondary school leavers with core five science credits including English for eligibility to qualify for entry into three year nursing program. 
This is same criteria for admission into three year nursing program, also  same criteria for admission into any university that offer any health programs and science related courses. Then what is denying nurses from accepting degree as entry point for nursing profession academically. This generation of nursing leaders should not kill nursing profession from attaining its full potential. 
Nigerian nurses must move with time and nursing degree is the key not HND. I suggest each state NANNM to conduct poll on this urgent matter (do nurses prefer BNsc or HND) to elicit response from nurses. The poll will determine whether Nigerian nurses want to move with other professionals in the health sector or not. 
Collated polls should be the stand of Nigerian nurses not a few individuals.

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