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Dissatisfaction Of UNTH Enugu Student Nurses On Happenings Of Things In Their Institution
Date Posted: 20/Mar/2017
We humbly wish to register the entire students dissatisfaction with the way things have been going on in the school as of late. 
Here as follows are our grieviances: 
i. Cessation of 10,000 naira stipend of student nurses in UNTH, ENUGU while students are being forced to sign that they were paid at the end of their training. NB: Our colleagues in Federal established Schools of Nursing, example: Nnewi Student Nurses are still being paid of their Stipend to date. 
ii. No Power Supply, No Water Supply and No means of Transportation as enjoyed by our colleagues in every Federal established School of Nursing. 
iii. Infringement of students Fundamental human rights as enumerated in Chapter IV of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria. 
iv. Unfair Advocacy of the Students by the Home Sisters to the School Authority. 
v. Injustice in sanctioning of students and undue Extension of students stay in the school by the school Authority. 
vi. Forcefully imposing 10,000 naira for cutting of cake on all Capping (Matriculating) students and insatiable demand of appreciation money/gifts from every student on every single written and practical examination by the School Authority. 
vii. Unaccountable collection of 5,000 naira (for NINSONNG FEE a game event that doesnt take place anymore but still all student nurses in UNTH Enugu pay for it while our colleagues have stopped the payment), 500 naira (monthly Fuel money from all students for School Administrative Consumption) and 500 naira which is being collected from all intending students of School of Nursing UNTH, Enugu after their Online Registration by the School Authority. 
viii. Alteration of the Constitutional Rights of the Students SUG by the School Authority and Unlawful Opposition of the Electoral Power of the Student Nurses. 
ix. Student Nurses on Clinical Posting being used as Errands and workforce. This is against human/Professional dignity and also against the Vision of Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria that states To maintain Professional ethics and etiquette and the quality of nursing care to clients and patients properly guaranteed. 
x. Unjustifiable Locking of students Reading Room in the Night, Locking of students inside the Classroom (for complete 4hours 10:30am to 2:32pm on 13th March, 2017 during study hour. NB: We have a video of the event "which can be seen below") and also Locking of the Toilet and Bathroom for 3 days by the School Authority. These are against the Mission of Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria that states "Promotion and Maintaining Excellence in Nursing Education and Practice in Nigeria." 
We commend your effort to seeing that the students have a conducive environment for learning but urge to take into consideration these challenges we have outlined. 
God bless you. 
Signed: All Student Nurses of SON UNTH ENUGU 
Agbaku N.A Obi M.C. Arua E.T Odinnuta U.P. 
Arinze C.E. Ogbodo F.C. Ani K.C. Ogbonna J.N. 
Agu V.C. Ojukwu G.C. Amadi H.C. Okite A.G. 
Chimdi T.B Okoh F.O. Chiwetalu C.R. Okoh N.J. 
Chukwunyere M.N. Okpo O.E. Ekwu C.P. Okafor P.M. 
Ekpemandu C.L Okubike J.C. Ekemezie A.M. Okoye B.A. 
Eze C.L. Okonkwo J.N. Ezeobele O.U. Okeke M.O. 
Godwill N.M Okeke O.E Igwe S.C. Omeye C.M. 
Igwe D.A. Onah C.O Nduaguba E.C. Onyia H.A. 
Ngwu J.O Onyekachi C.J. Nnadi T.I Ozioko C.G. 
Nna-ude F.C. Ugbor C.A. Nnamani E.O. Odunze I.U 
Nwobodo A.R. Umeoguaju .C. Nyamoko C.C. Abia .J. 
Ndubuisi V.T Agbo A.N. Ngwu A.P Agbo P.R. 
Nnamani .G. Agu. C.J. NNamani S.C Aguchibe J.A. 
Ndubuisi H. E Agwu L.U. Nnamchi O.T Amalu F.U. 
Nebo .N.S Amusuo I.R. Nvene F.C Anonde .C. 
Nsiegbe C.J Anukwe O.C. Nzeagwu C.N Amaeshi .V. 
Nwuko M.C Atuche .V.A. Nwaiwu .P Clement J.O. 
Okoye G.C Chiegwu Q.O. Ota A.C Chukwu S. 
Okafor C.O. Chukwuma C.M. Ogbonna V.C Edeh F.C. 
Ogili R. Eke V.O. Okonkwo .J.I Eneh C.R 
Okolie A.C. Elias U.M. Onwudi C.O. Ezeh A.H 
Okoye O.G. Eze .P.C Oreadu C.C. Eze I.K 
Onyebuchi .C Ifeayichukwu E. Obi-okoye A.C Igboka .E.C. 
Okeh L.A Ilobuchi .J. Okafor O.C Ilodibe A.C. 
Okoani S.O Iwuoha P. O Odo J.T. James Happiness Okafor C.M 
Malobi P. C Ukwe G. Maduadichie C.F Ubaka-okoli M 
Onodugo C.N Uzoma E.C Nsude E.P Ugwu M.C 
Nwankwo C.L Umeaku K.P Nweze C.H Ugwu C.L 
Nwadiogbu A. Ucheokeke M.K Unachukwu .C. Uke V.P 
Adama .S. Odoh N.L. Agada .C. Offor C.V. 
Agom P.C. Ogbonna K.C. Ahumibe .O. Oguguom C.N. 
Akabogu C.F. Oha .E. Akataka V.U. Ohume N.M 
Akpan A.L. Okeke .M. Anakor G.C. Okoro C.G. 
Chikere V.U. Omeh N.G. Chime .O. Omeke .C.M 
Chukwu C.J. Omenyi J.C. Chukwu P.O. Onugwu O.N. 
Ede .I. Onyeachor B.A. Egudu .C. Onyishi C.C. 
Ejikeme-ude V.I. Oraedu E.C. Ekwe Q.C. Oti C.S 
Ekwuma .N. Uche N.A Emmanuel J.E. Udenwobele B.C. 
Eze M.O. Ugwu .O. Ezih A.S. Ede .P. 
Chioke P.N. Onyia .J. Iheanacho P.C. Anioke .M. 
Izueke P.C. Ugwu .S. Madubuike .C. Ideahor .J. 
Nnoruka C.S Madu P.A. Nwakanma .P. Nwokeocha .F. 
Nwaokike J.C. Enebechi .C. Obasi .C. Okolo .E. 
Obi .N. Obetta .L.I. Obiekwe O.R. Nworah .O. Obiezu .G. 
Office of the Governor Enugu state 
Speaker Enugu state house of Assembly 
Commissioner of police 
Ministry of Health 
Ministry of Education 
Ministry of Information 
Ministry of Youths and Sports 
DSS Enugu state 
Principal SON UNTH 

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