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An Open Letter To The State Chairman, National Association Of Nigeria Nurses And Midwives Katsina State Chapter
Date Posted: 16/Mar/2017
It is with deep sense of humility that I write to convey to you my sincere feelings on the state of affairs of NANNM in the state. I am doing so as an enthusiastic supporter who devoted his time and passionately supported your candidacy during the union election in 2015, and as someone who stood openly in resistance against the strong campaign mounted against you by your opponents.
Accept my sincere apologies if you are embarrassed by my resort to public engagement through this open letter. It is indeed, a keen desire to guide the union that urged me to forward my observations and suggestions.
My Chairman during the electioneering campaign, you went round to virtually all the General Hospital across the state and strongly propagated the message of unity and development, and also solicited the support and votes of Nurses/Midwives with a formal and dignified undertaking that our uncertain and unsatisfactory situation will be ameliorated upon your assumption of office. 
I was highly persuaded by your promises and with the formation of your team.
As for the election day, I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness when the Chairman of the election committee declared you the winner of the election. It was indeed a marvelous and glorious moment, and that the feeling was simply indescribable. Upon your declaration, you proceeded to the podium where you addressed the congress through your acceptance speech and reiterated your mantra of Unity and Development. " The struggle needs unity before aluta continua", and" The issue of manpower development and unity will be given priority ". These are few quotations from the inaugural speech of my Chairman that made me feel elated, euphoric and highly optimistic because I felt that a responsible, incorruptible, presentable, and courageous leader had finally emerged in the union to lead the profession out of it's uncertainties.
My Chairman, just in case you are unmindful of the current state of affairs of the union and the profession in the state, may I seize this opportunity to report to you that the image of nurses/midwives in the state has been tarnished by your gross misrepresentation of the profession during your recent visit to His Excellency the Executive Governor of Katsina State, Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari on the 12th of January, 2017. The paper you presented to the Governor full of defamatory and diabolical statements which I believe was neither composed and endorsed by the entire SAC members, nor was it by any known SEC member, has caused the entire profession a bad reputation. No doubt, if this kind of defamatory or derogatory approach towards our employers, professional colleagues, or members of the public is what we choose to be the last resort in reciprocating our dissatisfactions rather than embrassing the spirit of dialogue, then be rest assured that there will be permanent dissension and division in the profession. 
What has happened in the ministry does not only affect nurses/midwives, other cadres were equally affected by the change. Despite how challenging and intimidating the change might looks like to many, they concealed their differences and graciously and submissively embraced the change without publicly expressing any resentful comment or reaction. But for nurses/midwives, it was the other side of the coin. Your action and reaction to this sensitive issue was actually catastrophic and injurious to the uphold glory of the profession. Instead of you as a leader to conceal your resentment, you went ahead to mount campaign of calumny against your subjects to the extent of demeaning their characters in the very sight of their employer and the public as well.
My Chairman, seventeen months after your historic assumption of office, it has become increasingly tedious to defend the unity and development we proudly supported and voted for. Yes you have a four years mandate, but I believe seventeen months is enough time to resovle certain pressing and critical issues in the profession, and also set a very precise and clear direction in the union. If there is one or two problems I wanted your administration to address with determination, it is the issue of disunity and intra-professional rivalry among nurses and midwives in the state.
The manner in which you are handling the affairs of the union is absolutely not in conformity with the provision of the association's constitution. Under your watch, there are series of allegations raised against you. The most recent was in a paper presented during the nursing incharges meeting held on 7th February, 2017 at General Amadi Rimi Specialist Hospital Katsina. These allegations are:
i-Exercising a dictatorial style of leadership.
iii-Lack of transparency and accountability.
iv-Personalization, and
v-Factionalizing the system among others.
My Chairman, since you came on board, your leadership has recorded more setback than victories in term of fulfilling your campaign promises. 
What has caused all these drawbacks is the fact that you failed to go by your blueprint as contained in your manifesto. 
You pledge to run an open office where the contribution of everyone will be welcomed and utilized, but if at all our contributions were been welcomed, I will humbly say that they are not been utilized. This is because, the congress called for the formation of elders forum that will foster unity in the profession and allow it's members to speak with one voice. It was not honored because it was not in the interest of the leadership. The congress also gave SAC mandate to submissively accept the appointments of the new directors and to pay a courtesy visit to congrarulate them, but the Director HSMB was the only person deemed fit to be congratulated. The congress went further to prevent the leadership of the union not to take this issue of change to the Governor, but here we are today with all the aftermath of the visit.
You pledge to work together with all the SAC members in order to achieve your goal, but what we are currently witnessing is the opposite. The SAC is today fighting a cold war with itself, there are two camps, your camp and the other camp. You failed to seek the intervention of the state elders, instead. you reported the case to the national headquarter thinking that it will solve the problem. I am telling you my chairman, this will only further exposes your leadership failure.
I am very sad to let you know that the common nurse/midwife has began to understand that the SAC is nothing but a team of elected officials with irreconcilable ideological differences. And also the faith they have in your administration is gradually fading and eroding to a worrisome level. This is the hard fact that those very close and dear to you may not tell you. If there was responsible leadership in the union, the profession will not be where it is today. The division and leadership failure in the union has caused the profession to loose it's glory.
My chairman, I sincerely want you to succeed, and may you succeed, but one thing worthy of notice is to understand the fact that, responsibility is the hallmark of leadership and the most dangerous period in the life of any organization, and the most deserving of critical analysis or study, is the period of transition from one situation to another. Remember that we are your core examiners not critics, we can as well act and react to your level of performance. We have two distinguished marking-scheme at our disposal. The first type is the legacies of your predecessors, and the second type is your manifesto.
Thank you.
Your loyal subject,
Comrade Awwal Aliyu Sayaya
Ag: Chairman NANNM, General Hospital Musawa branch.

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