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Breaking News: Jigawa State Nurses To Down Tools Over Non Payment Of Salaries For 15 Months
Date Posted: 16/Feb/2017
At least more than 70 nurses have indicated their intensions to stop attending to patients across all hospitals in the state. The nurses who gave this notice said they came to this painful decision following the state Governments decision not to pay their wages for the past 15 months (One year, three months and counting) even though they were still working.
The aggrieved nurses also stated that they had started working in hospitals across the state since their graduation from the College of Nursing Birnin Kudu in the month of November 2015.
Yet, the state government has not deemed it right to pay us our salaries even though we have been running our normal shifts and manning our stations as every other staff who have been paid do.
You woud recall that when the nurses first brought this to our notice they had written to the states government and forwarded a copy of the letter to us here at Nursingworld Nigeria tittled: An Appeal To The Jigawa State Government: Release Us, Pay Us Or Fire Us on the 15th of March 2016 where they made the following culled statements: The school of thought currently making the rounds is that because the 2014 Graduates of school of Nursing Birnin Kudu would not gear up for your political agenders this is why we have been left Unattended. In our current state, two things can be brought about, you could either HIRE or FIRE us Nurses. We are worn out and pretty much tired of our seeming bondage (or "bonding" as its called here), where we have served For close to 14 MONTHS in various general hospitals across the State, including shift duties without a dime of our salaries being paid (December 2014 - To Date).
Following the non action of the state government to act on this, the nurses followed up the first letter with another: "Have Mercy On Us": 2015 Graduates Of School of Nursing Birnin Kudu Cry Out To Jigawa State Governor on the 11th of June 2016  where they pointed an accusing finger at the various individuals who when ever contacted they keep on saying the same thing over and over again: "AH THINGS ARE IN PROGRESS, VERY SOON YOUR OFFER WILL BE OUT, BE PATIENT, WE ARE WORKING ON IT"  stating that these words have become "the most hated ever heard in frequent repetition by anyone" especially us Nurses for the past 9 months
Since the Jigawa State Government has seen fit to to subjugate its nurses to slavery, the aggrieved nurses by this publication wish to notify the State Government and the general public of their intensions to down tools till they are paid their outsatnding salaries 
The memo was signed by aggrieved nurses

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