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The 2013 Comrade Udoh Ikpe Foundation Nurse of the Year
Date Posted: 24/Oct/2013
Hon. Justice Charles Ikpe (President Ist love foundation)
The Comrade Udoh Ikpe Foundation Award is given every year to one oustanding individual in the world of Nursing in Akwa Ibom State and this year is no exception.
We have come to a verdict using a robust system to ensure that we come out with something near perfect with the integrety and judicious actions of the panel of judges with the winner truely reflects the caracteristics of the tenets we serve. We hope that this program would be extended to the grassroots, so if someone walks up to you and interviews you always remember that every action, every step you take, someone is watching and someday you would be rewarded. The cash prize for this award has been raised and in subsequent years would continue to be increased.
We look at hardwork, passion, dedication and efficiency 
It was not easy to settle on the winner but after all was said and done in recognition of her hard work, comitment, dedication to work and selfless service to humanity, she emerged the winner of this years price, congratulations to the 2013 Comrade Udoh Ikpe Foundation Nurse of the Year...
Mrs Caroline Effiong Munam (Chief Nursing Officer)
I/C Accident and Emergency
General Hospital IK. Uyo
Winner of the 2013 Nurse of the year Award.

Excepts from the interview with a Nursingworld Nigeria orrespondent:

NWN: Good Afternoon Madam, and congratulations on your winning this award.

Mrs. Munam: Thank You

NWN: Madam, we saw the way tears were running down your eyes when your name was annouced as the Nurse of the year, what was your first impression?

Mrs. Munam: I was very surprised by this award and i still am because i wasnt expecting this and those tears were mostly tears of joy and happiness.

NWN: Whats your advice to your fellow Nurses who might aspire to win this award in the future?

Mrs. Munam: I'd advice them to be steadfast in their lives and jobs, to be dedicated and also always endevour to put the lives of their patients first in every thing they do.

NWN: Thank you Madam, also on behalf of Nursingworl Nigeria we say congratulations once again and keep up the good work.

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