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Horrifying Moment Nurse Was Called To Treat Boy, Four, Badly Burned After Firework Hit Him... Only To Realize He Was Her Own Son
Date Posted: 20/Oct/2013
. Firework got stuck in Ben McCabe's jacket burning his chest and arms
. Went to A&E at Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow, where his mother was on duty 
. He needed seven skin grafts and is now fronting national campaign
A boy had to be treated by his own mother after he was taken to hospital when a firework hit him in the chest setting fire to his jumper. Amy McCabe was on duty at Yorkhil Hospital, Glasgow, when Ben, four, was taken to A&E following a display outside their home in Cumbernauld.
A rocket misfired, hitting him in the chest, setting his shirt on fire and causing severe burns. Ben had to have skin grafts across large parts of his body. 'It was horrific,' said Mrs McCabe. 'Watching sick children come in is hard enough, but there's no bigger shock than when it's your own child.' Ben underwent seven skin grafts and is now fronting a campaign against non-official firework displays.
Husband Alan, 39, family and neighbours had gathered to set off some fireworks. Everyone was kept at a safe distance, but in a freak accident one fired into Ben's jacket. 'Nobody could see where the rocket had gone,' Amy said. 'The next minute Ben started screaming. We can't understand how it happened but the firework went inside his coat and set his shirt on fire.' Mr McCabe wrapped Ben in wet blankets until an ambulance arrived. But by the time he arrived at hospital, the intense heat had burned through his skin.
He was rushed to theatre where doctors discovered third degree burns on his neck, chest and behind his left ear. Surgeons performed seven skin grafts to mend the damage. Ben spent three weeks in hospital, after contracting MRSA - a common infection in burns victims. When he was eventually allowed home, he needed to be treated with creams and have his dressings changed four times a day..
'We soon realised Ben was very fortunate,' Mrs McCabe, who is now a dental technician, recalled. 'Thankfully the burns hadn't affected his respiratory system.' 'His burns are looking better every day.'
The family were supported by the Scottish Burned Children's Club, run voluntarily by firefighter Mark Stevenson. 'The SBCC has allowed Ben to spend time with other victims, and get a break from feeling 'different'. 'His confidence has improved tenfold,' Mrs McCabe said
Now Ben, 6, has agreed to front the charity's campaign warning of non-official firework displays. SBCC is also lobbying the Scottish Government to change the law so people would have to prove they've completed a course on using fireworks safely before buying them.
Amy said: 'Having fireworks banned from retailers altogether would be ideal, but regulating who can buy them is the next best thing. 'We'll never forget what happened - and never stop fighting to prevent it happening to someone else.'
(Picture from CascadeNews)

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