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Excepts From the Interview With The Principal School of Midwifery, Ituk Mbang
Date Posted: 25/Oct/2013
The following interview was done immediately after the end of the Nursing week programme held at  the civil service auditorium, Akwa Ibom State
NWN: Good Afternoon Madam, Please could you tell our readers who you are?
Mrs. Akan: Good Afternoon, My names are Mrs. Ekaite Akan, The Principal, School of Midwifery Ituk Mbang.
NWN: Your welcome Madam, the Theme of this Nurses week celebration being held today is "Closing the gap", whats your take on it?
Mrs Akan: Personaly i think its the best theme for now considering the our surroundings today, the vission 2020, and the role Nurses have to play as we are the engine room of the medical and healthcare proffession. 
We have to reassess our roles as Nurses to help the society if the "millenium developement goals 4, 5 and 6" must be met.
NWN: In your opinion, where d you see Nursing in the next 5 years?
Mrs Akan: I'm pretty sure Nursing in Nigeria would go very far irrespective of the problems we are faing in the country. Also with the advancement in technlogy in the world, "most Nurses are now connected into the world wide web and that also would help us ahieve our aims and goals. Also as long as we all (Nurses) reach out and continue to carry our work as a team we would go far and progress in this profession.
NWN: Now lets touch on a very important question in the minds of most Nurses now "INTERNSHIP", Nursingworld Nigeria receives a lot of calls and messages asking what is going on or if theres been any progress on the fight for Nursing internships as opposed to other Medical professions. As a principal whats your take on this?
Mrs Akan: Thank you very much for asking me this, I'm in total support for Nursing Internship and personaly am one of those agitating for it. The academic workload for Nurses is a lot and so intense that there is no time to get the experience needed for the job. 
This one year intenship programme if approved would give time for Nurses to go to the wards for intensive practicals and give them a lot of experience needed. So my take is that internship is needed.
NWN: On a last note, its been observed that only a very small number of Nurses tend to go for all these healthcare provider courses like BLS (Basic Life Support), ACLS, First Aid Training skills amongst others, Most do not even know about them or their benefits. Some who do, complain that apart from the MCPDP for CPD Points these courses do not give any to Nurses but they are given for other healthcare providers (Med. Doctors, Pharmacists etc) why is that?
Mrs Akan: Personaly i know its very important for Nurses to go through these courses and help update themselves not to mention that having theses skills and being licenced would help give better prospects for  jobs and pay grades. I met your director Mr Jude (NWN Director) when he gave a speech in Enugu and i was impressed that as a male Nurse he's also a midwife, a accident and emergency nurse and is also doing his best to bring this BLS course to nurses, "this profession is blessed to have selfless individuals like him".
(NWN: thank you)
I recently supervised one of my students in her project and the results of her findings were shocking, she revealed that the older Nurses are almost out of touch with the happenings of today as they are the one who can affect changes in the profession concerning these courses, most do not even know about them. But i beleive as time goes on things would definately change for the better for us Nurses.
NWN: Thank You for your time.
Mrs Akan: Your welcome and thank you for having me.

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