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Breast Cancer and the Breast Self-Exam
Date Posted: 24/Oct/2013
Breast Cancer and the Breast Self-Exam 
While the most effective way to detect breast cancer is by mammography and breast ultrasound, cliol al breast exam and breast self-examination can complement mammography screening. 
What Is a BreastSelf-Exam?
Breast self-exam is checking for changes to your breast such as lumps, thickening, nipple discharge etc. 
It includes looking at and feeling your breast. Any unsual changes should be reported to your doctor who will hen perform a clinical breast examination and other test and advise accordingly. When breast cancer is detected in its early stages, your chances of surviving the disease are greatly improved. 
How do i perform breast self-exam? Please follow the steps described below.
1. Stand and look for changes
Arms up
Hands on Hips 
Lean Over
2. Stand and feel
whole breast 
Above breastFeel under both arms
3. Lay down and feel
on your back 
on your side
4. Feel for lump
Use your three middle fingers togther 
Move your fingers in small circles from the outside of your breast to the nipple
Check on the same day once a month or after every period
Feel your whole breast with firm gentle pressure
Note: Get checked once a year by a doctor or a nurse between 20-40 years old: Ask a doctor about a mammogram After 40 years old: Mammogram every 1 to 2 years.
Have a mammogram (Breast X-Ray), Tell a Doctor or a Nurse about any changes.

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