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Grooming Nurse Leaders for Posterity
Date Posted: 26/Aug/2013
Nursing leaders are too busy working to keep up with their day-to-day responsibilities that is being created by ever changes in the society that few ever think of what happens at the end of their tenure. Successor planning is an important hull 
mark of a true leader. A true and an effective leader is one who can step out of the leadership waters without leaving ripples in the organization. The time a leader should course ripples is when the leader is working to groom the team members to achieve their maximum potentials and not when stepping out. In order words an effective leader grooms, grows and matures the next succession of leaders who can quickly take the helm of affairs when the leader leaves without coursing ripple of 
The success of Nursing as a profession in facing the challenges posed by changes in patient care hinged on the ability to proactively recruit, develop and mentor future nurse leaders (Sherman, 2007). Grooming the future nurse leaders is not just the function of nurse education alone but the duty of all nurses who find themselves in leadership position. Every nurse is expected to provide professional guidance for students and junior colleagues as this serves as instrument in promoting leadership quality. 
Nursing need to take cognizance of where we want patient care to be and how we want it to be delivered. That determines the nature of grooming and maturity we must give the future leaders to the profession. The present leaders should bear in mind that the today's problems of nursing may not be the ones ourfuture leaders will contend with and the future leaders must be given a good background on problem-solving approach. The present leaders must lookout for the best and brightest subordinates and students with front-line aptitude for leadership and groom them to take the profession to the next level in future. 
Grooming future leaders in nursing starts from schools. Future leaders should be thought courses designed to increase their leadership skills, promote positive thinking and foster talent in leadership. The leaders should share experiences with those coming up stream in nursing. These help to groom leadership and make the history of the profession richer. 
Those coming up-stream in nursing should know that they have to grow step by step and walk their way to leadership position gradually. As time go by they will be independent in the leadership role but still work under the supervision of a mentor that give confidence needed to take more responsibility. The above ideas will help to groom nurse leaders for posterity. 
By Dr. Ndie Elkenah, RN, RPHN, BNSC 
H.O.D Nursing science, EBSU. 
De Curatio Muse

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