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Date Posted: 17/Aug/2013
"Challenge" is a difficult task one is expected to undertake as a matter of opportunity. Some lexicographers view challenge as an instigation or antagonism intended to convince a person to perform an action they otherwise would not. Similarly, challenge is a difficult task especially one that the per on 
making the attempt finds more enjoyable because of the difficulty . 
A profession can be seen as an occupation, craft or activity in which there is a professed expertise in a particular area especia1 y one requiring a high level of skill or training.
The challenging  profession put together is a craft or activity that poses antagonism and can only be approached by persons with "guts" to endure till the end. It is not just the content, study or practice of a profession that makes it challenging. It straps so much energy from you and your hope is for your endurance and God's grace to see you through. It is easier to say 'I will make it' than to really make it. Your beginning may not determine your end because while some persons start strong and give up along the way some other persons become strong in the course of the struggle. 
'The Guts' to face a challenging profession is neither bought nor won but may be acquired or groomed with time. It is strengthened by passion and made to last by expectations. One with 'Guts' gets involved in his pleasure as well as his fears so far as it is possible. He does not relent in a struggle. If he ever has to, it will not be because others did not succeed nor because he fears failure but because he as found it less challenging and so not worth the effort. 
Challenging professions are not far-fetched. It is very likely that every individual will choose to refer to his profession as 'Challenging'. However free they are to do so does not confirm every profession so. Challenging professions cannot be exhausted without the mention of 'Nursing Science' the noble, evergreen land of challenges. This is because it involves every facet of life; spiritual, physical, mental, psychosocial, cultural, biological e.t.c. 
Nursing Science is not just a profession, it is also a vocation. Its professionalism is not limited to the hospital practice. Man is a very complex and difficult creature to deai with. He even becomes more difficult in the time of distress especially as it concerns his health and wellbeing. Yet Nurses take up this role and do it like it's nothing. This is what it means to have 'guts' for a challenging profession. 
Yes, it is easier said than done. A nurse has not just said 'Yes' to a challenging profession but has done it and should be given a 'kudos'.
What about you reader, what have you said 'yes' to and what have you done?
Do you have the guts for a challenging profession like Nursing? 
By Ugwueze Chinazom N. 
De Curatio Muse

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