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10 Golding Rules for Being a True Friend
Date Posted: 19/Aug/2013
The language offriendship is not in words but in meaning. The golden rules include: 
1. HONESTY:  A true friend is always honest no matter what. It is your duty to tell the truth even when you know that the truth may hurt and possibly even cost you, Your 
friendship (which it won't if you follow the other 9 rules below). Never take something without permission even if you know that you friend will be okay with it. Just ask for permission first. 
2. RELIABILITY: A true friend is someone you can rely on. When you make a promise you will always honour it and when you know you won't be able to stick to your promise. It is best if you say that you'll do something or be somewhere at a certain date and time be there no matter what. 
3. RESPECT:  A true friend respect time, property and beliefs. Time is respected by not wasting it. Be punctual for appointments and let your friend know if you'll be late or can't make it at all. Property is respected by not damaging it. Treat other people's belonging with care and love. Beliefs are respected by not judging. If you know that your friend has certain beliefs and morals, respect them even if you don't agree with them. 
4. HOMMIES OVER HOES: Choosing hommies over hoes means that you don't choose a girl or a boy over your friend. Don't cancel you plan with you friend or let you friend down just because you want to be with someone you're interested in. If the guy or girl you are interest in is really special to you, always ask yourfriend first and they will likely understand. But a true friend doesn't stop you to be with someone else. 
5. SELFLESS:  A true friend will sacrifice their own comfort or happiness and put you first. They are selfless and would not do something for financial or material gain if they know that it would have a negative effect on your life. 
6. LOYALTY:  A true friend will stand up for when you need it. Also, when you don't ask them to. A true fried is not for sale and will never do anything that will compromise your success or happiness. 
7. PATIENCE:  A true friend is patient with you. They are understanding when things need time to change" or get better and won't judge you even when you make the same mistake over and over. As long as you're making the effort to get better. 
8. LAUGH TOGETHER, CRY TOGETHER: A true friend is not a fair weather friend. A true friend also shares their own success with you when they achieve it. 
9. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM: A true friends is not sacred to tell you what you're doing wrong. They are not sacred to seriously intervene if they see that something is seriously bad for you or if you are going down the wrong path. But they always support their criticism with advice that can help you improve. He doesn't just say "you are going to go bankrupt with your new business plan." 
They will fell you why they think you're new business plan will fail e.g. you are putting all your money into something that is not real, or there is an expiry date on the products you are buying and I don't think you'll be able to sell even 10% of what you're buying". 
FORGIVENESS: A true friend has the ability to forgive. Every one is human and we all make mistakes at times. We may even break one or more if these golden rules being a true friend but if you realize that you messed up and you really show that you're sorry and try to make thing right a true friend will be able to forgive you. (Just don't mess up in the same way again because there is a limit to forgiveness).
By Hon. Igodo Lucky 
Production manager
Nunsa Editorial Board
De Curatio muse 

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