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Date Posted: 13/May/2012


On october 21 2011, a fustrated HIV patient bathed a registered nurse in rivers state with acid, As at march 22 2012, 6 nurses had died from lassa fever cases contracted at work. the list is endless nurses on night duty are frequently harrased and robbed on their way to or from work, nurses have contracted occupational health disease which include tuberculosis, HIV from needle stick injury e.t.c while at work.
Here is what you need to know about NSITF to protect your future
the scheme provides guaranteed and adequate compensation for all nurse employees or their dependants for any death, injury, disease or disability arising out of or in the course of employment.
the scheme also offer rehabilitation and vocational training services to employees with work related disability with a view to bringing such employees back to work. in specific terms the following compensations are payable under the act:
1) compensation for death - payable to dependants of the deceased employee child/children, widoww/widower e.t.c
2) compensation for injury - temporary/permanent, partial or total disability
3) compensation fo mental stress
4) copensation o hearing impairment
5) compensation for occupational diseases 
6) health care benefit, i.e medical expenses are also paid for under the scheme
7) compensation is also payable for injuries sustained by employees outside the normal working place where the business of the employer extends beyond the usual work place or he nature of employment is such that the employee is required to work both in and out of the usual work place
for the avoidance of doubt, the employees' compensation Act (ECA 2010) repealed the workmens compensation Act 2004. The act came into effect on 17th december 2010 and from that date, the workmens compensation act (WCA) ceased to be the applicable law on the subject of employees compensation for work injury or occupational diseases. 
it is pertinent to know that the scheme is mandatory for all employers of labour in both the public and private sectors, not withstanding any other additional in-house scheme or policy an employer has been providing or may wish to provide for you, its employee
NSITF is the institution empowered by the Act to implement the scheme, thus it is your duty to urge your employer to remit the requisie contributions to the funds bank accounts.

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